top 10 high thc cannabis strains in UK

top 10 high thc cannabis strains in UK

top 10 high thc cannabis strains in UK, To buy cannabis (typically dried bud, extracts, or oils) from a pharmacy, patients must first have a doctor’s prescription. Despite limited supply issues that have forced patients to turn to the criminal market for their medication, rules have not altered to allow medicinal patients to purchase cannabis seeds and cultivate their own at home.

top 10 high thc cannabis strains in UK

The first rule enacted by MJKSUHARD was quite severe, allowing only particular patients to use marijuana. At initially, medicinal marijuana exemptions were only available to people with multiple sclerosis, terminal cancer, or certain chronic pain illnesses. This meant that out of an estimated 80 million individuals in the country, only approximately 450 were granted the legal permission to use cannabis to help them cope with their agony. top 10 high thc cannabis strains in UK

For medical users, a high-THC strain might be advantageous. Medical marijuana users may discover that their ailments are so poor that they need to use a lot of marijuana. It’s not always a smart idea to hit the bowl or joint multiple times in a short period of time. It has the potential to cause certain negative side effects, such as lung damage. High THC strains can help with this since fewer tokes are required, yet patients still receive the relief they require.


Gorilla Glue is a strain that combines two things many smokers love – a high THC content and all the pain relief you need. Gorilla Glue averages a THC content of around 25%, which is higher than most. It will leave users with that calming high they’re looking for.


Known as BB3 to its many friends, Bruce Banner #3 is a cross between OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel.  Even though it’s a balanced hybrid, it has average THC of 25% to 27%, so it packs a hulking, pain-killing punch.  The overall effect is a burst of that classic Sativa euphoria followed by a stretch of deep Indica relaxation.  Taste-wise, you get a rich, satisfying base of Kush and Diesel, topped with the sweetness of strawberry.


If you like your THC to be a little sweeter, Gelato is for you. It tastes like a combination between Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbert. Even though it has a small Indica lean, it has a THC content of around 26%, making it therapeutically beneficial as well as pleasant. Gelato has a strong yet well-balanced impact. It begins with a burst of energizing energy that relieves pain and stress before transitioning to a relaxing body buzz. It’s definitely a sweet tooth’s delight, but it’s largely fruity sweetness rather than candy sweetness, and there are earthy and citrus notes for body and freshness.


Like the brunch drink you love, Mimosa will deliver a refreshing and potent start to any day. The lively sativa is well-known for exhilarating and energetic effects that are perfect for daytime use, or wake-and-bakes, too. The popular hybrid is also just as notorious for its high levels of THC. This variety is easily capable of reaching up to 20-24% THC for a buzz that’ll get you through everyday aches, pains and stresses.


Runtz was recently named the Strain of the Year’ by Leafly, and for good reason. The strain that’s sweet like the candy it’s named for in flavor, is just as fulfilling in THC levels too. This variety typically contains 20-24% THC and is well-balanced in effects. Considering, it’s indica to sativa ratio is nearly equal at 55% and 45%. Its high potency will deliver a rush of euphoria, that’s ideal for night or day and always good for an elevated buzz.


Sunset Sherbet is a newbie strain with traditional, award-winning genetics that is fast becoming one of the industry’s favorites. The hybrid is a cross of the well-known Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties strains, and it displays its genetics with high THC levels. This strain has a THC content of 18 to 25% and delivers pleasant, relaxing effects that are perfect for bedtime usage and unwinding. With a dreamy exhilaration, it also uplifts the intellect and elevates moods.


Do si dos is quickly gaining recognition as one of the greatest and most powerful hybrids available today. This knockout variety is known for generating up to 25% THC, making for a strong overall experience. The initial trace of Dosidos’ clear-headed high that rapidly uplifts spirits is felt upon first breath. The high turns your body into a relaxing’stone,’ with severe sedating effects and couch-lock-like sensations as time passes.


Ice Cream Cake is more than just a gorgeous face; it’s also a potent substance. This stunning variety provides 20 percent to 24 percent THC to its cultivators, resulting in enhanced effects. The indica dominant hybrid offers a wide range of advantages and is popular among medical marijuana users for its ability to relax the body and mind while alleviating anxiety, pain, and sleeplessness. Keep in mind that Ice Cream Cake is a powerful appetite stimulant, so be prepared for an attack of the munchies.


Girl Scout Cookies is the result of crossing OG Kush with Durban Poison. It has an average THC content of 25 to 28 percent, while being slightly Indica-dominant. GSC is recognized for its stimulating, creative, and generally enjoyable high, but because it’s still mostly Indica, it’s followed by a time of deep rest for both body and mind. There’s a sweet earthy backbone to the flavor, but it’s smoothed off by creamy notes. Sweet spices are sprinkled over top, and mint adds a touch of freshness.


A balanced high, sweet, craveworthy flavors and high levels of THC? What more could you ask for. Wedding Cake is a triple-threat in potency, effects and flavors while easily producing 22-25% THC. As a cross of two classics, Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie we’d expect nothing less. This variety delivers a fast-acting high with an invigorating boost of energy that slowly soothes into a calm, relaxing body buzz. The hybrid is ideal for day or night, whenever you need a punch of potent benefits.