Tutankhamun King Tut strain


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Tutankhamun King Tut weed strain

Tutankhamun King Tut weed strain light-green buds are interwoven with pale amber-colored pistils and coated in a coating of crystalline trichomes abundantly covering the surface of the fluffy nuggets, luring cannabis connoisseurs with their light-green buds.

The King Tut tomb must smell gloomy and earthy, at least that’s what the strain’s aroma says. This sativa-dominant hybrid is pungent and skunky, with floral undertones that bring it down a level. The flavor isn’t quite as strong as the scent. On the exhale, you’ll detect a sweet and fruity flavor with zesty undertones.

THC levels in King Tut are among the highest of any strain. You may expect its effects to be mind-focused because to its sativa-driven nature. The first surge is full of happiness and good energy, which quickly relieves tension and worry. It’s as though your mood changes in an instant.

When the mental high reaches its height, the user’s mind is free of rushing thoughts, allowing them to focus on their daily routine and other activities that sound more enjoyable when the King Tut cannabis strain is present. King Tut provides a long-lasting high that will keep you energized for as long as you need it, making it an excellent choice for daytime use.visit here

About Tutankhamun King Tut Kush

The power of Tutankhamun King Tut weed strain to elevate mood and generate pleasure is particularly effective for treating melancholy, anxiety, and chronic stress. Furthermore, high THC concentrations are one of the primary reasons why medical marijuana users utilize it to treat pain, inflammation, and muscle spasms. Oh, and bring some snacks or a big dinner to satisfy your hunger, for King Tut will make you want to return to Ancient Egypt and partake in a really regal feast.

It’s crucial not to let the King’s blessing become a curse when smoking King Tut’s aromatic and strong buds.With such an extremely high THC content, dry mouth and dry, red eyes are guaranteed. Moreover, smoking too much of this strain may result in elevated anxiety or paranoid thinking, which should pass with time. Also, the Sativa genetics can make some users also feel a little dizzy at the onset.

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