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Tickle Kush Dispensary California

Tickle Kush Dispensary California is a relatively new strain bred by Greenwerkz in Colorado. It is a compelling hybrid that combines the earthy diesel flavors of Chemdawg with the pungent and vigorous LA Kush. Tickle Kush was selected as one of “Earth’s Strongest Strains of 2014” by High Times, claiming THC levels reaching up to 27%. Its short stature and quick flowering period make Tickle Kush a great strain for indoor cultivation. The potent effects are a balanced mixture of a happy sativa head buzz with deep, relaxing indica properties. click here

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This hybrid plant with about 70% indica qualities is a dreamy and uplifting hybrid strain that you can enjoy alone or with friends. Tickle Kush is an intense smoke that will make your thoughts and daydreaming more vivid and engaging, leaving you to feel inspired and creative.

Medical for Tickle Kush UK

Medical for Tickle Kush UK

can help many patients such as those who suffer from chronic stress disorders, as it can help process their thoughts in a calm manner.

Growing Tickle Kush USA

Tickle Kush can be grown by connoisseurs as well as inexperienced growers as it is easy to cultivate and can be highly resistant to common pests as well as molds. This bud grows into a short plant and takes an average amount of time to finish flowering.

Flowering Time


This strain can take around 8 to 9 weeks to finish flowering indoors and can produce a yield of around 12 ounces per square meter during harvest season.


Growing this flower outdoors can produce an estimated 15 ounces per plant and should take until the middle of October to finish flowering before it is ready to be harvested.

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