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What is Loud Dream?

The sativa-dominant Loud Dream from Loud Seeds was created by backcrossing a Blue Dream F1 with itself for a stable female seed. This California strain has enormous, thick, indica-looking buds that jut out from a crown of sativa leaves. Loud Dream is a sticky and bug-resistant plant with a sweet aroma.

The sativa-dominant Loud Dream from Loud Seeds was created by backcrossing a Blue Dream F1 with itself for a stable female seed. This California strain has enormous, thick, indica-looking buds that jut out from a crown of sativa leaves.Loud Dream is a sticky and bug-resistant plant with a sweet aroma.
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Here, the breeders took Nor Cal Blue Dream F1 and started to back cross it with itself to create a stable female seed. The end result is a plant with thick, dense, indica-esque buds and gorgeous sativa leaves.

This is said to be the heaviest producer in the breeder’s line-up. The buds are nothing short of gigantic, and are sweet, sticky, and resistant to bugs. This is a high-yielding plant whose owner can reap rewards of over 5 kilos in an ideal environment.

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But it doesn’t stop there! The buzz from this one starts off subtle and then builds into a euphoric crescendo that’ll leave you desperate to share it with your friends. Loud Seeds Loud Dream feminized cannabis seeds are the stuff dreams are made of. ‘Nuff said!


Rich, slightly spicy, with subtle notes of musk and fruit.


This one starts off subtly and then gets really strong! It’s a full-body buzz: dreamy and relaxing and very chilled out. It’s the sort of smoke that can slow down time!
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