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Legit Super Silver Online dispensary | Super Silver for sale | Super Silver

Legit Super Silver Online dispensary with Cheese was an ambitious project which could have led to a true clash of the titans! The tall Sativa structure and a mind-blowing high of one of the best-loved members of the Haze family had to combine with the compact, heavy, physically relaxing traits of Cheese to retain the best features of both varieties in a stable feminized seed strain.  After no little effort, Super Silver Cheese was born; all that remained was to feminize the seed strain, and the finished product was ready for our fans to buy!

Super Silver Cheese Feminized seeds will delight growers and consumers alike; the unapologetic double slam of Cheese and Haze potencies offers the best of both worlds, simultaneously elevating the mood and melting away muscle stress. The distinctive aroma of Cheese is sweetened by topnotes of chamomile and musk from the Haze parent, resulting in a special flavor that we can’t get enough of!

Super Silver | Super Silver for sale | Super Silver

Super Silver Cheese Seeds. The leaves are fantastically potent.  It a cross of Super Silver Haze and Cheese. The buds are light-green in color with a complete infestation of trichromes. Super Silver Cheese helps alleviate glaucoma, migraines, anorexia, arthritis, nausea, muscle spasms and pains. When inhaled you taste flavors of sweet, savory cheddar cheese and exhalation a fruity, cheesy muskiness is present.

Breeder: Royal Dutch Genetics
Genetics: Super Silver x Royal Dutch Cheese
Sativa/Indica: 60% / 40%
Climate: / Indoors / Outdoors
Harvest month: Sep/Oct
THC: 18/21% High
CBD: 0.10/0.66%