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Product Description

Iso hash is the product of a isopropyl alcohol extraction. QWISO is an acronym for Quick Wash Isopropyl Alcohol hash, a popular technique for creating iso hash. Using alcohol as a solvent is incredibly cheap, however the flavour isn’t as comparable to other solvents/methods. The product depends on the quality of the cannabis and extraction. High quality QWISO often looks clear and yellow, like a shatter, with a malleable texture. Low quality iso hash is often green (from plant chlorophyll) or black, and gummy in texture

This is the hash tutorial where we show you how to make some of the cleanest and strongest shatter you can make, without the need for expensive vacuum purging systems. All you need is some household cooking utensils, this hash recipe, and some marijuana, and you can make shatter that will rival what you can find at the cannabis cup and destroy whatever your local dispensary has in stock. contact us

Hash comes in lots of forms, and we have a tutorial for ICE HASH you might like as well. Shatter is a unique kind of marijuana concentrate, as it solidifies enough to be pliable, and you can work with it with your hands, but it doesn’t melt enough to drip off your dabber at room temperature. Shatter is normally the cleanest and purest form of a cannabis concentrate and when all the solvents have been purged out you are left with a translucent piece of hash that can be broken into tiny pieces for easier dabbing.

A lot of people have made shatter by using butane as a solvent. Remember, not only is using butane as a solvent dangerous, and in fact can be deadly, it is also illegal and you risk jail time even if you are a medical marijuana card holder. This recipe uses ISO alcohol that you can find at any drug store, and this recipe is perfectly legal for medical marijuana card holders. QWISO stands for quick wash ISO.
So if you are looking for a cleaner way to smoke, or you just enjoy dabbing, then read ahead and see how easy it is to make QWISO shatter!


Quick-wash hash, like other common types of cannabis extracts, can be eaten. To assess the overall taste and intensity of the extract, to a certain degree, the strain you select. Your way of using fast-washing hash oil would rely pretty much on what kind of experience you like. For starters, it is portable and straightforward to have your hash oil in a vaporiser. On the other hand, it has far less psychoactive effects when used as a topical, but can treat different diseases and even inflammation.

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