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How to buy Purple Kush Tennessee

How to buy Purple Kush Tennessee Feminized Purple Kush by Kannabia seeds is a treat for your eyes and incredibly delicious thanks to its many terpenes and enormous amount of resin. Up to 70% of this plant displays purple tones; the only green part is the leaves, while the flowers maintain a vivacious purple color that looks like kryptonite.

Purple Kush Cannabis Seeds Indoors and Outdoors

Purple Kush Indoors

Indoors, this strain is easy to grow although you’ll have to be careful with the fertilizers you use; Purple Kush strains hardly need any fertilizers to create a high quantity of compact heavy buds. If done correctly, you can get up to 500g of impeccable buds per square meter. This strain is particularly fast, taking just 55-60 days to flower with a 12h/12h photoperiod.

Purple Kush Outdoors

Outdoors, you should pick a sunny spot for this strain, making sure it gets plenty of hours of direct sunlight. Once you’ve chosen the perfect spot, you should plant this strain in a substrate that is rich in nutrients, and use no fertilizer when watering; this plant isn’t too into extra nutrients, and if you overdo it you could end up ruining your plants. During the flowering period, you should use a heavy mix rich in bat guano, such as Heavy Mix By Top Crop Substrate, to give your plant the best taste possible and all of necessary nutrients. It should be ready by mid-October, producing up to 1kg per plant. contact us

Purple Kush Strain Properties

The taste is sweet and earthy, kind of berry-like. Most people who smoke this plant for the first time tend to be surprised at its unique, rare taste. The effect is quite relaxing, although not too strong, perfect for that buzz you’ve always wanted without that tyring effect.

  • Sativa/Indica: 30/70%
  • Flowering: 60 days indoors, mid-October outdoors.
  • Height: 0.5-1.2m indoors, 1-2.5m outdoors.