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Electric Kush strain vendor | Electric Kush for sale | Electric Kush

Electric Kush strain vendor Bred from a mix of Durban Poison, Platinum OG and Sherbert genes, this strain has gained a following in the medical community for treating pain and digestive issues. The lime green buds should be light, airy and have a nice crystal coat. The buzz is relaxing, but its near 50/50 hybrid mix has enough of an energy jolt to make Verde Electric a choice that works for many both days and nights.Verde Electric is one of those strains that is noted for its smooth, unique taste.

Electric Kush | Electric Kush for sale | Electric Kush

A great daytime pain medication, Electric Kush delivers powerful pain relief that lasts, while not dragging you down with fatigue. The effect is very cerebral and creative, however people prone to paranoia while medicating may want to avoid this strain.

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Electric Kush is a fantastic midday pain reliever since it provides long-lasting pain relief without causing weariness. The effect is cerebral and creative, but persons who are prone to paranoia while medicating should avoid it.People who are prone to paranoia while on medication should avoid this strain.