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buy Wana Jewels online, These hard candy drops come in a bag of 20, and each one has 5 mg of THC. With an assortment of flavors, the ability to control exactly how much THC you get has never been easier. These are the natural and tasty choice for enjoying marijuana.

Todays Wana Jewels Marijuana Edibles Review is an exotic trip down The Nile River. These medical edibles could be considered the “Jewel of The Nile” of cannabis candies. These perfectly sized and THC powered treats will change your latitude so profoundly you might actually think you are in Egypt and floating down The Nile.

The expression “Jewel of The Nile” means, more or less, the “crème de la crème” or “top shelf.” And that pretty much sums up these latest offerings from the good folks over at Wana. Wana has been around since the industry really took off. And they have since led the way with quality and innovative, award winning designs.  These Jewel Treats epitomize the dedication that Wana has to its products and us, the clients.

I mix it up when it comes to edibles. Actually, I find that I go through phases. Sometimes I like fattening chocolate treats. Other times I like healthier snacks. And still other times I prefer a low or micro dosage edible to simply manage my pain and help me tolerate the endless assholes and imbeciles I have to deal with on a constant basis. My precious little Jewels make it all possible. Otherwise I would already be in jail for mass murder. You can all thank Wana. buy watermelon tarts


Wana takes medical edible manufacturing very seriously. The strictly adhere to GMP, or what is known as good manufacturing practices. Also they lab test all their tinctures to make absolutely sure each and every product that goes out the door maintains the utmost quality and consistency. click here

This Colorado based trail blazing company boasts some of the best products anywhere in the world. Moreover, they were the very first company to offer extended time release capsules in their line of medicines. Also, all their products are GMO free and gluten free. See if you can get that at your local dispensary. I don’t think so. And as if that weren’t enough they are even Vegan. Enjoy! Buy Alice Brownies online