Tahoe OG Kush


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Tahoe OG is a hybrid cross between OG Kush x SFV OG. This strain tops 25% THC and is one of the most potent Marijuana strains in the world. Tahoe OG has a volatile lemon kerosine aroma that excites your olfactory receptors with an overwhelming skunky dankness. Its expansive smoke hits you heavily on the indica side after your very first hit.

This is a great strain for hanging out at home and relaxing. It has immense stress relieving qualities and fights insomnia quickly when coming down. If you are injured or have pain in your body, Tahoe OG may be the strain that relieves your muscle tension.

Tahoe OG Kush was originally pioneered by an infamous horticulturalist based out Lake Tahoe, California, where it earned its’ namesake way, way, back in the 1980s. While this heavy-hitting indica and sometimes hybrid strains is not a great day-time strain for focusing, getting errands done or finishing tasks, it is ideal for those days where you want to cozy up indoors for a well-deserved lazy day. Grab some snacks, a blanket and get comfy on the couch with this fun, relaxing indica. As a member of one of the Ocean Grown or OG Kush family of strains, OG Tahoe Kush has cemented its’ status as one of the most potent and dominating members with its fast-acting and nearly debilitating effects. Like most OG strains, this indica boasts staggeringly high THC levels. Some say that the apples don’t fall from from the trees, so it should be no surprise that average THC levels range from 20-22%. The high of this indica strain is described as mainly soothing, relaxing and sedating on the body, with an accompanying feeling of euphoria and an uplifting buzz. Kush lovers rejoice! OG Tahoe Kush displays all the characteristic features of its family members with an aroma and flavour that is defined by its earthy base, and sweet undertones of pine, citrus and heavy notes of dank gas.