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Buy Jack Herer kush strain vendor

Buy Jack Herer kush strain vendor The Emperor Wears No Clothes is a sativa-dominant strain named after the iconic cannabis activist and best-selling novelist Jack Herer. It’s a cheerful, clear-headed high that’s a fitting homage to the real Jack Herer, who’s been dubbed “the ideal mix” and has a cult following across the world. Jack herer is available for purchase online.

Furthermore, this well-known strain was produced and cultivated as a medical-grade strain in Holland in the mid-1990s. A sativa Haze hybrid was blended with indica Northern Lights #5 and the Shiva Skunk in its unique engineering. Jack herer is available for purchase online. visit more

Jack Herer, a tribute to the famous marijuana activist Jack Herer, is a sativa strain that lives up to the legendary name. This is one of the most pleasant sativas on the market. Buy Jack Herer. Its popularity has grown immensely over the years. Its light green frosty THC-laden nugs can be found on the top shelf of most dispensaries. Jack Herer is one of the best daytime strains and tastes sweet and fresh. This strain will instantly provide a jolt of energy that carries you through the next few hours.

However its uniqueness doesn’t just lie in its genetics,
but also in its soothing, happy personality, which shines strongly in its effects.

Jack Herer also does great justice to its name by being a very powerful healing aid for patients suffering from an array of ailments, both mental and physical.Order jack herer online. read more


Haze, Shiva Skunk and Northern Lights #5


happy – 10 Order jack herer online
uplifted – 10
energetic – 9
creative – 8
euphoric – 8


dry mouth – 10
dry eyes – 6
anxious – 4
paranoid – 4
dizzy – 1

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