AK-47 Strain


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Buy AK-47 Strain online Wyoming

Buy AK-47 Strain online Wyoming, unlike Russia’s most popular assault rifle, will leave you with a euphoric mellow buzz. This popular high quality hybrid strain is as “kind” as they come. A cross between a Thai and Afghani plant and a Columbian and Mexican Plant. The aroma produced is citrusy and tart, yet enjoyable. It is great for pain relief, mood enhancement and stress relief. Buy weed online Malaysia. weed for sale malaysia, buy marijuana malaysia.

Look – Tight lime green buds with a nice coating of trichomes throughout.

Smell – Very musky with a touch of sweetness and a nice pine taste on the exhale

Taste – Very musky with a touch of sweetness and a nice pine taste on the exhale.

Effects – Since this is a hybrid it has the best of both worlds. Cerebral and euphoric, but also a good relaxing body stone.

Medical Uses – This is a one of a kind marijuana strain that can help with most of your medical needs.

What Is the AK-47 Marijuana Strain

Categorized as a sativa dominant hybrid, AK-47 humbly boasts a wide range of effects and body/mind benefits. This cannabis is purely a combination of the genetic breeding of 4 popular and powerful land race marijuana strains; Colombian, Mexican, Afghani and Thai.