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Alaskan thunder weed strain Kentucky

Name: Alaskan Thunderfuck Type: Hybrid (sativa dominant)Genetics: [ NorCal Sativa x Russian Rudalis ] x Afghani
Alaskan thunder weed strain Kentucky has enjoyed a long and storied history. The strain first appeared on the cannabis radar back in the mid 1970s when High Times did a feature story on the strain following a landmark court decision that essentially legalized marijuana possession for small amounts within the state. Originally, this strain was as close as you’re going to get to a true sativa, but a few years after its conception, the strain had Afghani genetics bred in for increased heartiness. For most of the 1980s, ATF had to remain underground due to constant DEA raids and was even rumored to be protected by the Hells Angels during this period.

Looks and Smell

The ATF strain is definitely one of those that gets your attention off of bag appeal. . ATF really reacts to a cold climate, bringing out dark purple hues that add to the already amazing aesthetics. The buds have that super frosty, dipped-in-sugar look that everyone appreciates. It’s simply a gorgeous strain to gaze upon.

The aroma is powerful and fills up space quickly, bombarding your nostrils with varying degrees of pine, earth, citrus, skunk, and floral notes. read more

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It can definitely take your mind for a ride, so you may want to start with low quantities (1-2 puffs), if you are a first-time patient who is afraid of experiencing any sort of paranoia. visit more

Alaskan Thunder Fuck should be considered a morning or day-time Sativa due to its peaceful, uplifting nature. read more

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