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What are the best MDMA test kits?

Common MDMA adulterants that we want to avoid include: DXM, MDA, methamphetamine, methylone, and occasionally PMA/PMMA. DXM has become substantially rarer over time.

Ideal: Lab test.

Worst case: Not testing at all.

Common route that is better than not testing: Legal reagent tests at home.

Which reagent tests should I use?

  • If you’re in the US: Marquis and Simon’s
  • If you’re in Europe: Marquis and Froehde

We’ve partnered with Elevation Chemicals to make sure you know about their reagent tests. I believe they are the cheapest supplier that ships from the US. Visit their site here. For US users, we recommend getting the Marquis and Simon’s combo kit from them for $27 with free shipping.

These recommendations are based on common local adulterants, plus the general note that using only one test kit isn’t a good idea – a second, and possibly third test provide increased confidence in the results.

For most MDMA users in the US the Marquis and Simon’s test kits are recommended.

This applies if you’re looking to consume MDMA, and like most, you won’t take your substance if it turns out not to contain MDMA.

Marquis can differentiate between MDMA, Methylone and other bath salts, and PMA/PMMA.

Simon’s A & B can distinguish MDMA from the adulterant MDA, which is decently common in the US.

Marquis can be replaced with Mecke if desired, with the main pro of Mecke being that Mecke is better for distinguishing DXM from MDMA, however DXM is rare as of 2017 and the few prior years.6 The cons of the Mecke reagent test are that it expires/goes bad faster than Marquis.

If you’re only willing to buy one test kit, get the Marquis test, however this is less safe than also getting the Simon’s kit.

Thank you to DanceSafe founder Emanuel Sferios for substantial advice and input on this guide.

If you’re planning on taking your drug but it doesn’t test positive for MDMA, don’t take it, as this may increase your health risk.

The Mandelin test kit is not particularly necessary, and is best for testing ketamine or cocaine.

The Froehde test kit is not particularly necessary for MDMA users. It can be used to test for APB substances if you’re extra careful, though if you see the initial purple (with Marquis) or green (with Mecke) flash before the test turns black, then it’s not really necessary. You would generally see the test flash purple/green as mentioned with detection of MDMA, except if testing a pressed Ecstasy tablet where you often don’t see the color flash before the test turns black, possibly due to the binder material in the Ecstasy tablet (DanceSafe founder Emanuel Sferios).

As a side note, Sferios noted that pure cocaine is very rarely seen when testing cocaine in the field. If you’re doing cocaine, make sure you also buy test kits for cocaine.

Also, if you ever take LSD, make sure to buy a test kit for LSD. It’s important to avoid dangerous LSD adulerants like NBOMes.

Reagent tests can only detect the presence of a substance, they cannot detect purity.

Why MDMA should be tested

“A lot of the patients that we see coming in saying that they’ve taken molly, it usually turns out that they haven’t actually taken MDMA”

In West Florida, 0% of analyzed “Molly” contained any MDMA, also instead mostly containing “bath salts.” 😔 This is not good. The safety profile of MDMA is likely better than many of these other unknown substances.

Some “MDMA” contains PMA. This is highly dangerous and very important to avoid.

Two reporters purchased three separate capsules of “Pure Molly” in two US cities: one contained bath salts, one contained a mix of MDMA and methamphetamine, and one contained a mix of MDMA, cocaine, methamphetamine, and an opioid (same class of drugs as heroin).

Bath salts include substances like methylone and mephedrone.

The good news is, over three quarters of people in one study said that they would not take an ecstasy pill that proved to have unknown contents.

87% of “Molly” analyzed by the DEA contained 0% MDMA

87% of “Molly” analyzed by the DEA between 2009 and 2013 contained 0% MDMA, instead mostly containing “bath salts.” Terrible. 😠

A study found that 46% of Ecstasy tablets contained 0% MDMA

Unfortunately, your “MDMA”, “Molly” or Ecstasy is probably not pure MDMA. This 2005 paper found that 61% of tested ecstasy tablets contained other drugs. And a massive 46% contained 0% MDMA. 8.65% of “Ecstasy” pills contained some methamphetamine.

Testing Center

If you care about drug testing, check out the drug testing center idea.


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