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Indoor Mix | Indoor Mix for sale | Indoor Mix

Indoor Mix | Indoor Mix for sale | Indoor Mix

  • 100% Feminized Seeds

  • 5 Classic Strains

  • An Incredible Bargain

  • They’re All Keepers!

  • Indoor Mix Now!

Our Indoor Mix Feminized seed-pack contains a selection of different Indica-dominant cannabis strains such as White Widow, Big Bud, Northern Lights and Skunk #1, all in feminized versions that grow and flower like females!

Indoor Mix | Indoor Mix for sale | Indoor Mix

Due to their similar Indica growth patterns, all the seeds found in the Weed Seed Shop Indoor Mix Feminized can be grown and flowered in the same space and harvested around the same time, making them super-easy to cultivate while still providing an interesting range of variety within the relaxing stoned effects of the Indica spectrum.

Indoor Mix | Indoor Mix for sale | Indoor Mix

This top quality feminized seed selection is a great bargain and is suitable for adventurous growers and novices alike.

Indoor Mix | Indoor Mix for sale | Indoor Mix

Remember: variety is the spice of life!

Whether you’re looking for feminised, auto-flowering, or medicinal marijuana strains, Sensible Seeds should always be your first port of call. Check out our full range today!

Like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get. Indoor Mix provides you with a fabulous choice of indica and indica/sativa hybrid seeds. This varied selection of marijuana seeds really is excellent.

Indoor Mix | Indoor Mix for sale | Indoor Mix

I ordered this mix along with the Bubblelicious. My payment cleared on November 19th, I received my order on the 29th. That is excellent considering there were four weekend days and I live in Canada… The packaging was surprisingly simple yet very stealthy and I love the little *bonus gift*. I also received 10 *freebie* seeds which is nothing short of awesome.