Saying yes to Tecfidera® (dimethyl fumarate) could lead to fewer relapses

Taken as one pill twice a day, TECFIDERA was proven to work against relapsing multiple sclerosis (MS) in clinical trials. Learn about its potential benefits and risks, and get tools and tips to help you have a productive conversation with your healthcare professional.

Dimethyl fumarate is the methyl ester of fumaric acid. DMF combined with three other fumaric acid esters was licensed in Germany as oral therapy for psoriasis. Since 2013 it is used to treat adults with relapsing multiple sclerosis.


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If you and your healthcare team have decided to say yes to Tecfidera® (dimethyl fumarate), you can start by learning what it might be like to take it. The resources and tools in this section can help you get started.suppliers of Tecfidera click here to order

How do I take Tecfidera?
You take Tecfidera as a pill, twice daily with food.

To give your body a chance to get used to the drug and reduce the impact of side effects, you start on a low dose for the first week, increasing to the full dose in the second week.

Assessment before treatment

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Before starting Tecfidera, you should have blood and urine tests to measure blood cell counts and to check liver and kidney function. It is also important that you have had a recent (within 3 months) MRI scan.

Assessment during treatment

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Once you’ve started treatment you’ll have blood tests every 3 months and urine tests at 3 months, 6 months and then every 6 to 12 months thereafter. These tests monitor your blood cell counts and liver and kidney function. Depending on local practice, you may be able to have the tests at your GP surgery or you may need to attend a hospital clinic.

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In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, the drug can be prescribed for adults with active relapsing remitting MS. NHS approval excludes people who have very active MS (this covers highly active despite treatment with another DMD or rapidly evolving severe relapsing remitting MS).


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